Sepia Saturday – The Jackel boys

To kick off my first Sepia Saturday I’m starting with a rather poor image of my maternal grandfather and his four brothers. The boys were the sons of Olive Isabella (nee Cordy) and George Oliver Jackel. George was named Oliver George at birth but the family always knew him as the opposite, probably a reflection of customs from his German speaking heritage. George was a beekeeper in Taradale where he married Olive in 1915. Soon after the marriage the couple moved to Wangaratta to follow George’s lay preaching with the Church of Christ, and to start the first Church of Christ in the town with the first services being held in their home ‘El-Bethel’ at 117-119 (now 133) Swan St.

The boys, from eldest to youngest, were all born, lived and died in Wangaratta.

  1. Lloyd Oliver JACKEL 3 Jan 1916 –  4 Jan 1994
  2. Ivan Keith JACKEL 18 Aug 1917 – 19 Dec 1976
  3. Lyle Kevin (Kevin) JACKEL 1919 – 7 Sep 2001
  4. Aubrey Lewis JACKEL 30 Mar 1921 – 19 May 1970
  5. Athol Stuart JACKEL 23 Feb 1923 – 28 Jun 2007
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2 Responses to Sepia Saturday – The Jackel boys

  1. Lenore says:

    Another great story, Jenny. Love the pic. Rather an ingenious pose for the photographer. Mother looks a little anxious!


    • Jenny Coates says:

      Thanks Lenore,
      I just had another look at that image and wondered why Nana seemed to be focused on sons number 3 & 4 and not the baby.
      Hidden behind the ladder is what looks like a young woman holding Athol – so another example of one of those “hidden mothers” photos.
      I’m pretty sure the young woman would be Nana’s youngest sister Agnes (Aunty Ag to us) who was 20 and living with Nana and Pa when the photo was taken.
      I knew all the boys in the image really well. Nana (my great grandmother) died when I was 18. Aunty Ag died in 1997 and I knew both women really well as they were a tight knit family unit with my grandparents living only 2 houses from Nana – an arrangement that irked my grandmother somewhat!



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