Australian Local and Family History Bloggers

Listed here are blogs by members of the Australian Local and Family History Bloggers Facebook group. We are a support group for independent bloggers of Australian history. We don’t allow blogs about business publicity or bloggers attached to libraries or historical societies as they all have different needs and support networks. Please support independent Aussie bloggers by paying them a visit. If you like what you see please leave a comment on the blogger’s page and subscribe to their feeds.

This list may be distributed without permission but must not be given false attribution.

Blog Blog URL
Family Matters
ACT Early Lithuanians in Australia
ACT Lynne’s Family: Tasmania families – Gillam, Sheean, Lamprey & Coventry
ACT Twigs of Yore
Aus Cicadas, Bees and Barge Poles
Aus Conquest – an inside story
Aus Family Fractals
Aus Laney’s Past
Germany Becoming Prue
Germany The Weiss Family of Mulhouse
NSW A Steely Genes Journey: Illawarra, NSW
NSW Auld Genealogy
NSW Boddy Lines
NSW CurryAus surname study
NSW Evertree
NSW Family Convictions – a Convict Ancestor
NSW Family Stories, Photographs and Memories
NSW GeniAus
NSW Genies Down Under
NSW Hawkesbury Heritage & Happenings
NSW Heather Clarey and Family History
NSW In the Footsteps of my Ancestors
NSW Janelle’s Family Tree Addiction
NSW Jennyalogy
NSW Jennyalogy podcast
NSW Lilian’s Tree
NSW Linga Longa: Thirroul
NSW Links in a Chain
NSW Nola Mackey: Nola’s notes on history
NSW Pieces of Me
NSW Shadowland – Uncovering A Lost Village – Sherbrooke
NSW Sharn’s Genealogy Hints
NSW Sharn’s Genealogy Jottings
NSW The Family of Jo Mottershead
NSW The Genealogy Bug
NSW The Other Half of my Family Tree : stories of my female ancestors
NSW The Tree of Me
NSW Trevo’s Irish Famine Orphans: Earl Grey’s scheme
NSW Wishing Linking Family History Blog
NT NJs Family History Research
NZ Cyrus John Williams 1862-1942
NZ War Memorials Wellington
Qld Ancestor envy
Qld As They Were
Qld Boonah Branches
Qld Diary of an Australian Genealogist
Qld Earlier Years
Qld East Clare Emigrants
Qld Family History across the Seas
Qld Family Tree Blossoms
Qld Family Tree Frog
Qld From Dorfprozelten, Bavaria to Australia
Qld From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard
Qld Genealogically Speaking: The adventures of a young aspiring Australian genealogist sharing her journey on social media

German Family Matters
Qld In Search of Men & Women With Initiative – Solving Family Puzzles
Qld Irish Graves – they who sleep in foreign lands
Qld Leaves on my Family Tree
Qld Library Currants- technology and its application in family history
Qld Life & Death in the Sunshine State: Boggo Rd Gaol, Brisbane
Qld Living the Dream of a Family Historian
Qld SHHE Genie Rambles
Qld That Moment in Time
Qld TravelGenee
Qld Trove Memorials: South Australian service men and women
Qld Various blogs re personal and Qld history
SA GenieJen
SA GenXalogy
SA History by Larzus
SA History from the Heart
SA Kylie’s Genes Blog
SA Lonetester HQ
SA Memorabilia House
SA Original Kin: My genealogy universe
Sweden Forgotten Tales
Tas On the Convict Trail
Vic A bit of this and a bit of that! Ballan, Victoria
Vic Ancestor Chasing
Vic Anne’s Family History
Vic Axedale – Then and Now
Vic Backtracking
Vic Bound for Australia
Vic Connecting the Family
Vic Conversations with Grandma: Genealogical Journeys in Wangaratta

Dance Skeletons: Tracing our family history to Australia, one skeleton at a time
Vic Ellis and Fisher Families
Vic Exploring Family
Vic Exploring Military History

Vic Geelong and District: covering local and family history in the greater Barwon region
Vic George Griffith’s NZ Gold Rush Adventure
Vic Georgie’s Genealogy
Vic I Just Love History
Vic Infolass
Vic Journeaux Jinny
Vic Lois Willis – Genealogy and Family History
Vic McCollier Heritage
Vic My Ancestors’ Arrivals
Vic My Family Hunt
Vic Pastlinks
Vic Patsy’s Paddocks
Vic Pear Tree Cottage
Vic Sandra’s Ancestral Research Journal
Vic Strong Foundations
Vic The Empire Called and I Answered: Soldiers of WWI from Essendon and Flemington
Vic The Resident Judge of Port Phillip
Vic The Scots at Springdallah
Vic Time travellers in Essendon, Flemington & the Keilor plains
Vic Tracking Down The Family
Vic Western District Families
Vic Wirreandah Wandering
WA Finding Family : one woman’s obsession with family history
WA Outback Family History: Western Australia goldfields


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4 Responses to Australian Local and Family History Bloggers

  1. tasteach says:

    G’day all,
    I am a new Aussie family history blogger as well. Have been researching for about 40 years but only started blogging my research last year. Most of my ancestors came from England, one from Ireland and one from Samoa. The majority have stayed in Tasmania since they arrived as convicts or free settlers.


  2. Margaret Kirby says:

    Hello, I am also new to this site as well. I haven’t yet started a blog but I probably will as I am just starting to build a web-site. I have been researching family history for about twenty years on the back of my parents research conducted for many years without computers or any of our new fangled contraptions.

    I have a passion for history and my adventures into my own family history have led me on some fabulous routes! My lot came from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and Germany (Prussia). They all came to Victoria before 1864. All of them were involved with the gold rush.

    I have pursued them all down some very interesting rabbit holes. they have taught me about the industrial revolution, the potato famine, Christian and religious history, the clearances, the world wars, silver mining in the Hartz mountains, gold mining in all the major Victorian gold fields, convicts and the justice system in the late 18th and 19th centuries, the theatrical performing routes throughout asia in the nineteenth century, circus and theatrical history in Australia and the United states, the American Civil War and racism and black face minstrels, the Boer war, Australian folk music, the Great Depression, Marvellous Melbourne and the proliferation of brothels in Melbourne CBD in the 1850s and 60s.

    So just like everyone else really!

    I have been very lucky to be asked to research friends trees and they have taught me a lot about Jewish history, the pogroms and the pale, Jewish communities in 19th century London, first fleet convicts and the settlement of Norfolk Island by whiteys. I have hung out a fair bit with the Tasmanian pioneers,especially those who have hidden their convict roots and done a small historical visit to Insane Asylums and considered how nearly everyone I know today would fit their criteria one way or another!

    I was very glad to find this site and I should not be astonished at the enormous number of passionate bloggers in family history all over the country.



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