welcome_mat-e1308457004111-300x206Welcome to my family history blog!

This blog was created to celebrate the wonderful relationship I had with my maternal grandfather and had with my grandmother who passed away in July 2015 at the age of 99 years and 4 months. I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents and my grandfather took me everywhere as his little shadow. Under his guidance I was introduced to local and family history without really knowing it. I absorbed stories of bush rangers and met people who held artifacts from the bush ranging era. I sat at the kitchen table of my great grandmother while my grandfather went through photos with her and made her write on the back of them. I watched breathlessly as my great grandmother pointed out a water mark on a wardrobe that was in a house flooded to at least five feet in 1917.

I was told endless stories of the history and heritage of the place where they lived. I restored old furniture and picture frames with my grandfather, all the while with him telling me the provenance of the item. I was constantly immersed in the wonderful world of the history and the heritage of the family. After 30 years formally researching my family history and many more absorbing it by osmosis, I’m trying to put just a little down in writing.

Jackel, Ivan & Moore, Alma wedding 1940 - Copy small cropped

Please contact me if you are connected to any of the people featured in posts or if you have an interest in a place or event that I blog about. You can use the contact form, leave a comment (look for the speech bubble at the top of the posts page) or “leave a reply” at the bottom of the posts page.

If you would like assistance with your own Victorian or family research please see my professional web site: http://www.jcch.com.au

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6 Responses to About

  1. miawhitewood says:

    I loved your blog and hearing all about Grandma Ellie and Great Uncle Jack although a sad story and shedding a tear or four. Thank you for sharing. I will have to come visit now I am living in Australia. 🙂 Mia x


    • Jenny Coates says:

      Thank-you Mia,
      And welcome to Australia! Your Dad has added some wonderful detail to the story which I hope to incorporate soon.
      I’m sure his Aussie cousins would love to catch up with you. Please let us know if you’re heading south and we will do the same if we’re heading north.
      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jenny. Your Blog was recently mentioned on my Lost Wangaratta Facebook Page by a fan. Thought I would drop by and have a look. Congratulations on a great history blog about Wangaratta and surrounds. You should get some more interest from others on your Blog as we have 3,000+ fans and many are getting a taste for further local history from all the photos we are sharing and people sharing their memories. Is it ok if I share some of your photos and cite your blog. Regards, Geoff



    • Jenny Coates says:

      Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for your contact. I also follow Lost Wangaratta 🙂
      It would be great if you could mention the blog. I would like to encourage people to read it and engage with and contribute to the stories rather than just copy the images. Most times people don’t click on the referring web site but just copy and re-use images or website content without any thought for copyright or acknowledgement. Most of my images are out of copyright but many come from institutions that ask for acknowledgement as a condition of use. The post 1954 images are covered by copyright law (there will be some coming up eventually), as are pre 1954 images that have additions by me (e.g.maps with notations). And of course all the research is mine. So if you can navigate all that please feel free to share!
      Best wishes,


  3. Katrina Pilkington Vincent says:

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading through. My husband is a descendant of Jacob & Mary Vincent, early Wangaratta settlers. So I am interested in the early history of the region. Will follow with interest! Katrina


    • Jenny Coates says:

      Nice to meet you Katrina!
      I come across the Vincents all the time as you can imagine. I have a lot of posts in the pipeline but things are slow going at the moment. If there’s anything you’d like to see featured let me know and I’ll do my best.
      Of course we could always do a joint post on the Vincent family?! 🙂
      Kind regards,



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